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Teeth whitening in 10314

10314 dental office
10314 dental office

At the practice of Dr. Evan Abrahams DMD, we offer teeth whitening treatment so you can get your natural tooth color back and rid yourself of the stains, discolorations, and dullness that can occur over time. Have it done right here at our 10314 dental office, take advantage of our take-home method, or combine them for even longer lasting results.

The reasons for teeth whitening center around your habits, such as what you eat and drink. Many foods, even nutritious ones such as berries, have a negative effect on how your teeth look. Other examples are curry, soy sauce, and hard candy. Some of the typical everyday beverages on the list are tea, coffee, cola, and red wine. But nothing will bring people to our 10314 dental office for whitening more reliably than tobacco use. Smoking, vaping, it really doesn’t matter the way you ingest it. The product itself is the problem. Yellow and even brown teeth are not unheard of, especially with heavy use. Tetracycline is just one of the prescription medications that mention teeth stains as a side-effect. In addition, your tooth enamel slowly yet steadily wears down as you age, leaving the duller tissue beneath showing. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with those effects because our 10314 dental office has the answer. In-office treatment takes only one visit and about an hour total. You’ll leave with obvious improvement. If doing it on your own makes more sense to you, just know that it’s a more gradual outcome, though equally impressive. And unlike some store-bought products that have abrasive, enamel-damaging ingredients, ours is 100% safe. Expect the results to last you for up to several years, all depending on how you maintain them.

Why wait any longer? Schedule an appointment with our office so you can get the whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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