Staten Island family dentist

Staten Island Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Staten Island

When you have a busy life, time is a commodity. So why waste it having to deal with multiple dental offices for your family? There’s no need to, because at the practice of Dr. Evan Abrahams DMD, we offer focused, expert dental care for all ages.

With our Staten Island family dentist, you’re not a number and you’re not an age group. You are a valued individual who deserves and will receive personalized attention that takes into full account your preferences when it comes to treatment. That’s because while we know that certain concerns regarding your teeth and gums are more prevalent at certain times in your life, we also understand that your circumstances are particular to you. The same goes, of course, for your children. Our Staten Island family dentist tailors treatment plans accordingly. Some aspects of good dental care, though, are not up for improvising. Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens can benefit from a visit to our office every six months, during which you get a complete oral examination, which includes a teeth cleaning. It is important to remove tartar buildup, which along with plaque, results in tooth decay and gum disease. Kids need special attention when it comes to the transition that exists from baby teeth growing in, to them falling out, and then finally the adult teeth erupting. When it comes to adults, our list of services is wide and varied, with options that range from restorative to cosmetic; from root canal to extractions; form the periodontal to the orthodontic. And our services also include emergency dental care, so feel free to turn to us when an urgent matter arises for you, your child, or anyone in your household.

All you have to do is reach out to our Staten Island family dentist office and we will schedule an appointment for a convenient time that accommodates your needs.

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